Global Datatypes

There are the global datatypes for storing structure linked data:

Datatype: Description: Done?
BaileyWeb.Country Countries list. Yes
BaileyWeb.CountryDemo Usage demo for the Country Package. Yes
BaileyWeb.Honorifics Honorifics list. Yes
BaileyWeb.HonorificsDemo Usage demo for the Honorifics Package. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.AcademicDepartments List of academic departments. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.AcademicYear List of academic years, with options to enable and disable year views. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ApplicationMethod Methods to apply for courses. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.AwardModes The modes of award. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Awards The types of awards granted. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.CampaignTypes The types of campaigns (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Campaigns). Yes
BaileyWeb.University.CourseFeeBandCosts The cost of each course fee band. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.CourseFeeBands The course fee bands. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.EducationLevels The levels of education awards granted. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfileQualifications The qualifications that make up an entry profile (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfiles). Yes
BaileyWeb.University.GroupTypes The types of groups (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Groups). Yes
BaileyWeb.University.LanguageRequirements The language requirements for entry profiles (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfiles). Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ModuleFeeBandCosts The cost of each module fee band. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ModuleFeeBands The module fee bands. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ModuleTypes The types of modules available. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.Organisation The top-level organisation information. Yes
BaileyWeb.University.PartnerTypes The types of partner organisations (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Partners). Yes
BaileyWeb.University.ProjectStatus The status levels of projects (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Projects). Yes
BaileyWeb.University.QualificationTypes The list of qualifications types used for entry profile qualifications (Global Datatype BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfileQualifications). Yes

Updated: 31 March 2017