Global Datatype: BaileyWeb.University.AcademicYear

The Global Datatype BaileyWeb.University.AcademicYear, titled as University Academic Year, is used to store a list of academic years, with options to enable and disable year views. Please refer to the Data Model page for information about its relation to other datatypes.

Data Structure

Field: Label: Help: Type: Optional: Widget: Validation: Order: Group:
YearOfEntry Year of entry* What year does this begin? Integer No Text Box Integer Range Validation (1975-2075) Ascending2
Display Display? Display linked data on website (Tick for yes). Boolean (True) N/A Check Box None Ascending1 Group1


  • Has caching? No
  • Has publishing? No
  • Localised? No
  • Data URL: ~/academicyear({Id})


Academic years are grouped alphabetically by the Display field, then listed alphabetically by the YearOfEntry field.

Updated: 01 January 2017