Global Datatype: BaileyWeb.University.LanguageRequirements

The Global Datatype BaileyWeb.University.LanguageRequirements, titled as University Language Requirements, is used to store the language requirements for entry profiles (BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfiles) and associated metadata. Language requirements could be set as Page Datafolders, but this may restrict the ability to add sub-pages with explanatory notes. This is why they are stored in a Global Datatype. Please refer to the Data Model page for information about its relation to other datatypes.

Data Structure

Field: Label: Help: Type: Optional: Widget: Validation: Order: Group:
Id     GUID Key        
LanguageRequirement Language requirement* The page detailing the language entry requirement. Data Reference (C1 Page) No Page Selector None Ascending1  


  • Has caching? No
  • Has publishing? No
  • Localised? No
  • Data URL: ~/languagerequirement({Id})


Language requirements are listed alphabetically by the LanguageRequirement field.

Updated: 01 January 2017