Page Datafolder: BaileyWeb.University.Modules

The Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Modules, titled as University Modules, is used to store the individual components of a subject (BaileyWeb.University.Subjects). Please refer to the Data Model page for information about its relation to other datatypes.

Data Structure

Field: Label: Help: Type: Optional: Widget: Validation: Order: Group:
ModuleCode Module code* The identification code for the module. Must be unique. String (64) No Text Box Regular Expression Validation Ascending2
ModuleLevel Module level* The education level of the module. Data Reference (EducationLevels) No Selector None Ascending1 Group1
ModuleType Module type* Is the module compulsory, conditional, elective, or optional? Data Reference (ModuleTypes) No Selector None
ModuleName Module name* The name of the module. String (128) No Text Box None
Description Description A brief description of the module. String (1024) Yes Text Area None
ApplicationCode Application code The application code for the module. String (64) Yes Text Box None
ApplicationMethod Application method How do students apply? Data Reference (ApplicationMethod) Yes Optional Selector None
EntryProfile Entry profile What qualification profile do you need to get onto this module? Data Reference (EntryProfiles) Yes Optional Selector None
FeeBand Fee band What fee band does this module have (if any)? Data Reference (ModuleFeeBands) Yes Optional Selector None
Dependencies Dependencies Does this module require you to have taken another module beforehand? String (Unlimited) Yes Data Id Multi Selector (Modules) None
TaughtBy Taught by Who teaches this module? String (Unlimited) Yes Data Id Multi Selector (People) None
Locations Locations Where is this module taught? String (Unlimited) Yes Data Id Multi Selector (Locations) None
Handbook Handbook Is there a module handbook? Data Reference (C1 Media File) Yes Media File Selector None
Display Display? Display this module on the website (Tick for yes)? Boolean (True) N/A Check Box None


  • Has caching? No
  • Has publishing? No
  • Localised? No
  • Data URL: ~/module({ModuleCode})


Modules are also grouped alphabetically by SubjectLevel, then listed alphabetically by the ModuleCode field.

There is no StartDate field for modules, so if you wish to introduce variations in the module according to its start date, prefix the ModuleCode and ModuleName fields with a year or date value.

The ModuleCode covered by regular expression validation of ^[\w\d\s]+$ and so only allows alphanumeric characters, underscores _ and spaces. You cannot use a hyphen -, due to the URL generation resolving it to a difficult to support UTF-8 (hex) value.

Updated: 29 March 2017