C# Function: BaileyWeb.University.Data.GetSubjectsListDictionary

This C# function produces a custom dictionary<string,string> list of subjects (BaileyWeb.University.Subjects), grouped by education levels (BaileyWeb.University.EducationLevels).

It is referenced to distinguish subjects with identical subject names at differing education levels (Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, etc).

Sample Output

result[0] : (483a7fe9-8a9f-4c36-8024-e2c772bab932, Bachelor's Degree - Drama)
result[1] : (08b98af7-d72d-415b-8906-6a27d253b90b, Bachelor's Degree - English Literature)
result[2] : (3f02d49a-e1ea-4173-9c11-7c14d4ee14c8, Master's Degree - Drama)

Updated: 23 February 2017