XSLT Functions

These are the XSLT functions used by the University Package to convert XML data into XHTML code for use in web-pages:

Function: Description: Function done? Documentation done?
BaileyWeb.Country.ShowAllTable Produces a table showing all country information (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.Country). Yes No
BaileyWeb.Honorifics.ShowAllHonorificsTable Produces a table showing all honorifics (Global Datatype BaileyWeb.Honorifics). Yes No
BaileyWeb.Honorifics.ShowSelectedHonorificsTable Produces a table showing selected honorifics (Global Datatype BaileyWeb.Honorifics). Yes No
BaileyWeb.ModifiedC1.Navigation.DistributedDropdown Produces a navigation list drop-down for the main menu (XSLT Function BaileyWeb.University.MainNavigation.ShowMainNavigationList). No No
BaileyWeb.ModifiedC1.Navigation.DistributedPills Produces a navigation list for the side menu (XSLT Function BaileyWeb.University.BodySideNavigation). No No
BaileyWeb.ModifiedC1.Navigation.LanguageSwitcher Produces a list of languages alternatives available for the current page. No No
BaileyWeb.University.AcademicDepartments.ShowAcademicDepartments Produces a list of academic departments (Global Datatype BaileyWeb.University.AcademicDepartments). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Banners.CourseSearch Produces a banner containing a course search form. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Banners.LatestEvent Produces a banner to show the latest public event (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Events). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Banners.LatestNews Produces a banner to show the latest press release (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.News). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Banners.LatestOpenDay Produces a banner to shop the latest open day event (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Events). No No
BaileyWeb.University.BodyFooter Produces the footer on the University website. No No
BaileyWeb.University.BodyHeader Produces the header on the University website. No No
BaileyWeb.University.BodyNavigation Produces the main navigation on the University website, just below the header. No No
BaileyWeb.University.BodySideBanners Produces the side banners on the University website, next to the main content area. No No
BaileyWeb.University.BodySideNavigation Produces the side navigation on the University website, next to the main content area. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Campaigns.ShowCampaignDetailById Produces an individual campaign page from a campaign ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Campaigns.ShowCampaignListPaginated Produces a paginated list of campaigns (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Campaigns). No No
BaileyWeb.University.CaseStudies.ShowCaseStudyDetailById Produces an individual case study page from a case ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.CaseStudies.ShowCaseStudyListPaginated Produces a paginated list of case studies (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.CaseStudies). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Collections.ShowCollectionDetailById Produces an individual collection page from a collection ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Collections.ShowCollectionListPaginated Produces a paginated list of collections (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Collections). No No
BaileyWeb.University.CourseFeeBandCosts.ShowCourseFeeBandCostsTable Produces a table showing course fee information (Global Datatype BaileyWeb.University.CourseFeeBandCosts). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Courses.ShowCourseDetailById Produces an individual course page from a course ID (C# Function BaileyWeb.University.Courses.GetCourseById). Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Courses.ShowCourseFinderForm Produces a form to search for courses. Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Courses.ShowCourseFinderResults Produces a paginated list of courses from search query (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Courses). Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Courses.ShowCourseListPaginated Produces a paginated list of courses (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Courses). Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfiles.ShowEntryProfileDetailById Produces an individual entry profile page from a profile ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfiles.ShowEntryProfileListPaginated Produces a paginated list of entry profiles (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.EntryProfiles). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Events.ShowEventDetailById Produces an individual event page from a event ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Events.ShowEventListPaginated Produces a paginated list of events (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Events). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Groups.ShowGroupDetailById Produces an individual group page from a group ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Groups.ShowGroupListPaginated Produces a paginated list of groups (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Groups). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Homepage.ShowHomepage Produces the website homepage content. No No
BaileyWeb.University.HeadMetadata Adds all of the main metadata, stylesheet and JavaScript links in the HTML <head> section of the University website pages. No No
BaileyWeb.University.KIS.Widget Produces the required code to add the Discover Uni widget to a course page. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Locations.ShowBuildingDetailById Produces an individual building page from a building ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Locations.ShowLocationDetailById Produces an individual location page from a location ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Locations.ShowLocationsAndBuildingListPaginated Produces a list of locations (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Locations) and buildings (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Buildings). No No
BaileyWeb.University.MainNavigation.ShowMainNavigationList Produces the main navigation elements of the page (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.MainNavigation). No No
BaileyWeb.University.ModuleFeeBandCosts.ShowModuleFeeBandCostsTable Produces a table showing module fee information (Global Datatype BaileyWeb.University.ModuleFeeBandCosts). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Modules.ShowModuleDetailById Produces an individual module page from a module ID. Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Modules.ShowModuleFinderForm Produces a form to search for modules. Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Modules.ShowModuleFinderResults Produces a paginated list of modules from search query (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Modules). Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Modules.ShowModuleListPaginated Produces a paginated list of modules (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Modules). Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.News.ShowNewsDetailById Produces an individual news page from a news ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.News.ShowNewsListPaginated Produces a paginated list of news (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.News). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Pages.GoUpOneLevel Produces a glyph icon with a link to move up a level. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Pages.ShowLastUpdated Produces a paragraph showing the date that the containing page was last updated. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Partners.ShowPartnerDetailById Produces an individual partnership page from a partner ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Partners.ShowPartnerListPaginated Produces a paginated list of partners (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Partners). No No
BaileyWeb.University.People.ShowPersonDetailById Produces an person building page from a person ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.People.ShowPeopleListPaginated Produces a paginated list of people (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.People). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Projects.ShowProjectDetailById Produces an individual project page from a project ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Projects.ShowProjectListPaginated Produces a paginated list of projects (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Projects ). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Publications.ShowPublicationDetailById Produces an individual publication page from a publication ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Publications.ShowPublicationListPaginated Produces a paginated list of publications (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Publications). No No
BaileyWeb.University.Search.ShowSearchForm Produces the website's navigation search form. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Search.ShowSearchResults Produces the search results page content. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Subjects.ShowSubjectDetailById Produces an individual subject page from a subject ID. Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Subjects.ShowSubjectFinderForm Produces a form to search for subjects. Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Subjects.ShowSubjectFinderResults Produces a paginated list of subjects from search query (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Subjects). Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Subjects.ShowSubjectListPaginated Produces a paginated list of subjects (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Subjects). Yes No
BaileyWeb.University.Teams.ShowTeamDetailById Produces an individual team page from a team ID. No No
BaileyWeb.University.Teams.ShowTeamListPaginated Produces a paginated list of teams (Page Datafolder BaileyWeb.University.Teams). No No
BaileyWeb.University.TextStrings Adds the localised text strings used by JavaScript functions. No No

Updated: 30 December 2019