Localisation Resource: BaileyWeb.Country.Country

This localisation resource stores text strings for the following functions:

Files and Languages

The following files are supplied with the University Package:

  • ~/App_GlobalResources/BaileyWeb/Country/Country.resx (English)
  • ~/App_GlobalResources/BaileyWeb/Country/Country.fr.resx (French - machine translated)

Function Markup

For XSLT, use:

<lang:string key="Resource, Resources.Country.[Name]" />

For .NET Razor, use:


For C#, use:

HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("Country", "[Name]")

Text Strings

Name Value (EN) Value (FR)
CountryName Country name Nom du pays
InternationalDialingCode International dialing code Indicatif téléphonique international
ISO ISO code (2-letter) Code ISO (2 lettres)
TableSummary List of countries and associated information Liste des pays et informations associées
UN UN code (3-letter) Code UN (3 lettres)
UNNumber UN code (numerical) Code UN (numérique)

Updated: 26 February 2017