Localisation Resource: BaileyWeb.University.MainNavigation.MainNavigation

This localisation resource stores text strings for the following functions:

Files and Languages

The following files are supplied with the University Package:

  • ~/App_GlobalResources/BaileyWeb/University/MainNavigation/MainNavigation.resx (English)
  • ~/App_GlobalResources/BaileyWeb/University/MainNavigation/MainNavigation.fr.resx (French - machine translated)

Function Markup

For XSLT, use:

<lang:string key="Resource, Resources.MainNavigation.[Name]" />

For .NET Razor, use:


For C#, use:

HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("MainNavigation", "[Name]")

Text Strings

Name Value (EN) Value (FR)
Home Home Accueil
Search Search Recherche
SearchCourses Search courses Recherche de cours
SearchPages Search pages Pages de recherche
ToggleNavigation Toggle navigation Basculer la navigation

Updated: 29 March 2017